External Pressure Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane

Brand: QILEE

External Pressure Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane

Product Description

        The external compression super-membrane structure is mainly composed of hollow fiber membranes, this product uses a high external pressure structure to increase the capacity of the product, a unique water collection-drainage structure, and the cleaning and drainage effect of the combination gas scrubbing system. Great strength.

        The company's product 77FR adopts high-performance PVDF membrane material, the average pore size is 30nm, the ability to remove the proprietary fine particles, bacteria, most pathogens and bacteria, has good chemical properties, long-term resistance to high-strength scouring chemical cleaning agents. 


1、Small pore size, excellent water quality:

Nominal pore diameter 30nm, high filtration accuracy, more than fine particles such as bacteria, pathogens and fungi.

2、High mechanical strength, excellent chemical resistance:

It has good mechanical performance, can receive and repel air scrubbing, and has excellent chemical resistance performance.

3、Strong water resistance, washable and regenerative performance advantages:

Hydrophilic PVDF membrane, good wettability, excellent anti-pollution ability, excellent long-term retention performance.

4、External pressure structure, low processing requirements:

External compression design allows for large particle size contaminants to enter, low-level processing.

Product Advantages

Constructed main low: external compression structure with high load capacity, excellent structural structure with high capacity for use, external compression water system, large free activity space between the membranes, Can be used with high-efficiency gas-water mixed scrubbing method.

High-efficiency cleaning: The unique pore-catchment-drainage design uses a membrane structure with a maximum drainage capacity, effectively providing a high-efficiency membrane cleaning and drainage effect.

Chemical performance specifications: Permanent water-based polydisperse heating (PVDF) has excellent anti-degradation, anti-pollution performance, long service life.

Product Specification

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