MBR Flat Membrane

Product Description

      The flat membrane element is composed of ABS liner, antibacterial flow guide cloth and inlaid PVDF flat membrane. In use, it is in a vertical state. When the sewage is filtered by the membrane, the aeration at the bottom scours the surface of the membrane, so that the activated sludge is not easy to deposit on the surface of the membrane, prolonging the cleaning cycle of the membrane, and ensuring the long-term stability of the membrane equipment.


1. The hydrophilic cortex, near-cortex and porous support layer gradually become sponge-like dense and topological structure, with higher porosity.

2. Strong capillary force reduces membrane pore resistance and improves filtration flux in membrane applications.

3. The separation layer and the support layer form a semi-interpenetrating network, which improves the adhesion fastness and blasting strength between layers, prolongs the service life and backwash tolerance.

Product Advantages

Better anti-pollution performance: It can maintain high-throughput and stable operation under higher activated sludge 

concentration, and has excellent anti-pollution performance.

Good mechanical stability: the high-strength diaphragm support will not tear, which can completely guarantee high-quality water.

The cleaning method is more convenient and the cleaning cycle is longer: bottom aeration combined with large air bubbles 

can effectively shear the diaphragm and the cleaning cycle is long.

Long service life and low operating cost: the normal service life is 5-8 years, no need to replace the diaphragm frequently, 

and the unique design can be replaced one by one.

Product Specification

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