MBR Curtain Membrane

Product Description

      High-performance enhanced hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane preparation patent technology, the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane produced by unique membrane formula and specific membrane process has ultra-thin separation layer, and typical sponge-like cross-sectional structure characteristics, with higher Tensile strength, at the same time has strong hydrophilic retention performance, in the 

process of water treatment, it shows technical advantages such as high solution flux, strong pollution resistance, easy cleaning after pollution, etc., which essentially solves the problem of existing There are problems such as low strength of the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane and poor anti-pollution performance.

Product Structure

Product Advantages

Low operating cost: Under the same operating conditions, the transmembrane operating pressure is lower, and it can maintain low pressure and high flux operation for a long time, and the backwash cycle is extended by more than 50%, which has obvious advantages of saving water, chemicals, and energy.

Low pressure and large flux: With the same transmembrane pressure, the solution flux of the high-performance hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is increased by more than 30%.

Good anti-pollution ability: The surface of the ultrafiltration membrane has a strong hydrophilic group, and the anti-pollution performance is greatly improved. The contact angle is less than 43°, which reduces the pollution caused by hydrophobic pollutants, and can be applied to the treatment of highly polluted wastewater.

Product Specification


Municipal sewage treatment

Advanced Treatment of Industrial Wastewater and Reuse of Reclaimed Water

Integrated sewage treatment device

Seawater desalination or pretreatment of brackish water desalination

Landfill and composting leachate treatment

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