Immersed Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane

Brand: QILEE

Immersed Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane

Product Description

      Immersed hollow fiber ultrafiltration uses specific packaging technology to encapsulate ultrafiltration membrane filaments in open components, and directly immerse them in the water to be treated. Negative pressure or gravity generates vacuum in the membrane, and driving force is formed on both sides of the membrane surface. The water is purified through mechanical screening and membrane pore adsorption.


      PVDF hollow fiber ultra-membrane system adopting immersion type ultra-membrane structure, adopting open-type filtration, the demand for water treatment will be lowered, the whole installation method will reduce the space required, and it will become another kind of pressure-type ultra-membrane. New membrane application technology.

Product Advantages

1、Fully open design, high throughput, high strength, wash resistance, etc., reduce pollution and stains.

2、The membrane structure is fully immersed in the filtered water body, the aeration and water collection is integrated, the pipes and supports are reduced, and the installation is made to save time and labor, and the membrane pond occupies the land.

3、Cyclic anti-cleaning and membrane pond aeration with low membrane surface pollution, low-rate chemical on-line cleaning, effective elimination of membrane depth pollution, ensuring membrane system long-term operation.

Product Specification

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