Low Temperature Sludge Belt Dryer

The wet sludge with moisture content of 80% ~ 30% can be reduced to 10%,

The comprehensive energy efficiency is 1:4, which is beneficial to transportation, cost saving and resource utilization in the later stage.

Low Temperature Sludge Belt Dryer Features:

The existing waste heat hot water supply equipment can be used as heat source

The water content of 10% is reduced by more than 80%

No odor emission, no deodorization

No heat loss, 100% heat utilization

As low as 50 kW. H / T

Low temperature is safer without dust hazard

Scope of application: municipal sludge and industrial sludge (printing and dyeing, electroplating, papermaking, leather, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc.)

Low Temperature Sludge Belt Dryer Parameter Table:

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