Fine Screens

        Fine Screens Ro1 is installed in the channel or box at an angle of 35 degrees. It integrates the filtering, washing, transportation and pressing functions of the Screen slag, and can realize the actual requirements of the project through the selection of different Screen spacing (6mm or 10mm) and grid basket size (up to 3000 mm in diameter). The Fine Screens Ro1 is made of all stainless steel and is subject to acid passivation and immersion treatment. The grating can be installed directly in the channel or in the box.


• Low head loss and high separation efficiency

• Made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion and reduce maintenance

• Reliable mandatory self-cleaning

• Grate slag filtration, transmission, washing, dewatering and pressing functions in one system

• No lubrication and less maintenance

• Renovation and improvement, and configuration updates can be carried out if necessary

• The closed device ensures that the whole device will not have peculiar smell during operation

• Easy maintenance and operation

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