Central transmission thickener

Specification: QILEE

Central transmission thickener

1、 Overview

The central transmission thickener is suitable for sludge collection and discharge in radial flow (circular) sedimentation tanks with a diameter generally not greater than 18m in water plants or sewage treatment plants in water supply and drainage engineering.

2、 Working principle

The raw water of the central transmission mud scraper flows radially to the overflow tank around the pool after being distributed through the central water distribution cylinder. As the flow rate decreases, the suspended solids in the water body are separated and settle at the bottom of the pool. The supernatant is discharged from the outlet tank through the overflow weir plate. Through deceleration drive and transmission of suspended components, the sludge is scraped and collected by a scraper to the central sludge collection tank, and discharged outside the tank by static water pressure or pump. Adopting middle water inlet and sludge discharge, and surrounding drainage to ensure uniform water flow. Utilizing liquid level difference self suction sludge discharge, equipped with scum scraping and discharging device and overload protection device;

3、 Performance and specifications

1. Main performance of central transmission concentration (mud scraper) machine

(1) The bottom of the pool is used for mud scraping, and the driving device is driven by a deceleration drive mechanism, which is compact in structure and high in mechanical efficiency;

(2) Diagonal scraper with good continuity and high efficiency in collecting mud; Install a rubber scraper under the stainless steel scraper to ensure that the scraper is clean and there will be no floating mud.

(3) The slope ratio of the pool bottom is 1:10, and the sludge resistance during mud scraping can be ignored.

(4) The main beam is made of square steel with high structural strength. It adopts the process of hot-dip galvanizing followed by topcoat spraying, which has strong anti-corrosion performance. The main beam can also be directly poured with concrete, which saves more investment.

(5) Easy to operate and can achieve remote control.

4、 Structural form

The central transmission concentration (mud scraper) machine mainly consists of components such as a deceleration drive mechanism, a transmission vertical shaft, a scraper arm, a concentration grid bar, and a mud collection tank scraper. The load of the entire thickener is applied to the center of the working bridge fixed across the pool diameter.

1. Main beam

The main beam is welded with carbon steel square steel and shaped pipes. The main beam is 1000mm wide and welded with Q235 ordinary carbon steel plates and profiles. The overall height of the main beam is 800mm. The main beam is made in two or more sections, with the center side of the sedimentation tank hinged to the center rotating support and the other two sides connected to the end beam. The structural design eliminates the static uncertainty factor under the three point support situation, and can adapt to the elevation deviation of the sedimentation tank top caused by uneven settlement within a certain range, ensuring the normal operation of the mud scraper.

The main beam can withstand all concentrated loads, mud scraping resistance, and a pedestrian uniform load of 200Kg per square meter from connecting components such as the mud scraping system. The deflection of the main beam is less than 1/700mm.

2. Drive device

The driving device mainly consists of main components such as the driving reducer and overload protection device.

The drive reducer is installed on the main shaft. When the working torque of the thickener exceeds the rated output torque of the reducer, the torque arm at the output end of the reducer acts and causes the spring inside the overload protection device to compress. The pressure rod approaches the sensing distance of the planar contactless induction switch, instantly cutting off the power supply and sending a fault signal to protect the equipment from damage.

3. Center rotating support

The central rotating support mainly consists of a rotating turntable, a fixed seat, etc. The upper part of the rotating body is equipped with ear seats and the main beam are hinged with pins, and the base is connected to the central platform of the pool with bolts.

The central rotating support mainly bears the full axial load of the mud scraper and the partial radial load generated during mud scraping.

4. Scraping system

The mud scraping system mainly consists of a mud collection scraper, a concentration grid, and a connecting bracket, made of stainless steel plates and profiles. The scraper scrapes the sludge from the bottom of the tank to the sludge tank, and uses the water level difference between the suction pipe installed here and the sludge discharge tank to press it into the pipeline to collect and discharge the sludge in the tank.

5. Control box

The control box is an outdoor type, located on the main beam. The box is made of stainless steel plate processing and has the ability to control the start and stop of equipment locally, and can provide all operating signals and remote control functions of the equipment to the central control room. Its protection level is IP55.

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