Coarse Screens

        The rake tooth rotary grating is very suitable for municipal and industrial sewage treatment and process water filtration. The cleaning device configured for the system can be selected according to different needs. The cleaning device is composed of teeth and scraper, which can be replaced separately by bolts, and can be selected according to needs, so as to adjust the slag removal capacity accordingly, especially suitable for high load pollution.

         The ground installation height is very small, which generally depends on the height of the screw conveyor or the grate slag press when installing the deep channel. Each end of the tooth rake device is equipped with a drive chain, and each chain is driven by a gear and a reducer motor with flange. In addition, the close engagement between the tooth rake and the grid bar net ensures high operation reliability. In case of grid operation failure, the mechanical overload protection device will immediately stop the mechanical operation.


• Very low head loss, efficient separation

• The close engagement between the teeth and the grid bar ensures high operation reliability

• The bottom step may not be used for grating installation

• Compact structure, low ground installation height

• Fully closed, no odor, and the cover plate is easy to remove

• It can be installed in the existing channel without any problems, without the need for canal reconstruction

• The equipment is easy to remove from the channel

• Not sensitive to sand

• Simple and practical chain tensioning unit

• All parts in contact with the medium (except chain, gear, drive and bearing) are made of stainless steel and pickled and passivated. Stainless steel chain and gear can be selected

• Adjusting the cleaning device can achieve high filtering slag discharge capacity

• Independent replaceable teeth and slag scraper

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