Fine Filtration Device

        Filtration technology has created a new field of sewage treatment in the process of continuous development of separating fine particles.

        In the field of biological wastewater treatment, membrane bioreactor process is continuously adopted. Especially when hollow fiber membrane is used, the separation of hair and fiber substances is the basic prerequisite for the trouble-free operation of membrane bioreactor.

        Another important application area is the "river and sea drainage" project. In this case, only mechanical methods are generally used for sewage cleaning, which means that the COD/BOD content entering the receiving water body will be reduced as much as possible. Through fine filtration treatment, non-degradable sanitary products, plastic substances and organic substances harmful to water can be separated from the sewage.

        By adopting this new technology, environmental protection can be carried out to a large extent with less capital. In order to further improve the treatment effect, additional precipitator and flocculant can be added. In this way, soluble and fine sewage contents can be converted into particulate matter that can be separated and removed. Then through fine filtration, the filterable substances can be reduced to 95%, the COD/BOD content can be reduced by about 65%, and the P content can be reduced by about 60%.

        In many regions and countries, sewage treatment plants have not been built yet. Through this simple treatment process, sewage treatment can be carried out quickly and effectively.


• Rotating working method, almost no wear

• Built-in grate slag pressing system, no odor leakage, low post-disposal cost

• Built-in grate slag washing system can be configured to reduce post-disposal costs

• It is possible to install the channel directly without steps in front of the grid

• No problem with post-installation configuration

• Resistance to fine sand, gravel and stones

• All stainless steel structure

• There are no reciprocating moving parts and turning points, and there is little running wear

• The liquid flow can pass through the flow grid/screen only after the flow is broken at the bump, and the separation efficiency is high

• Large effective filtration area, small head loss

• The machine can self-clean the filter screen/screen basket

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