Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment process

Specification: QILEE

Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment process flow chart

Process characteristics

The high-concentration organic wastewater is pretreated by UASB before entering the general adjustment tank, mixed with low-concentration organic wastewater, and then entering the main treatment process system. It can be seen from the data that the high-concentration organic wastewater is treated by the UASB reactor in the anaerobic treatment. Treatment of other high-concentration organic wastewater such as soybean products. It is reported that in the wastewater treatment, the high-concentration wastewater is pretreated by UASB reactor, and the mixed wastewater enters the AS (activated sludge method) treatment (called UASB+AS method) compared with all direct AS method treatment, UASB+ Compared with the AS method, the AS method saves 68% of the aeration electricity cost and 59% of the sludge treatment cost, and the biogas can be used; compared with the SBR method, the operation cost and the sludge treatment cost are also lower than the SBR.

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