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What are the technical characteristics of industrial sewage treatment equipment?

Industrial sewage treatment equipment has the characteristics of high degree of automation, saving operation cost, small floor area and good effluent quality. However, it should be noted that water pH value, temperature, treatment medium and other factors will affect the use effect of the equipment. Next, I will introduce the relevant contents in detail.

1、 Technical characteristics of industrial sewage treatment equipment

1. High degree of automation

The device is highly integrated and intelligent

It is a highly automated industrial sewage treatment equipment in China.

2. The effluent quality of the equipment is good

Industrial sewage treatment equipment adopts advanced membrane bioreactor technology, so that the effluent quality of the system is superior to other general treatment equipment in all aspects.

3. Industrial sewage treatment equipment has a wide range of applications

Because the biofilm system has strong impact resistance, it prevents the loss of various microbial flora and is conducive to the growth of slow-growing nitrification.

4. Save operating costs

The use of biofilm technology can remove harmful substances such as, viruses and reduce the daily dosage. Industrial sewage treatment equipment adopts integrated control and automatic operation, which greatly reduces the management cost.

5. It covers a small area

Due to the high efficiency separation of biofilm, there is no need to set solid-liquid separation equipment such as primary sedimentation tank and filtration and backwashing. The concentration of traditional solid-liquid separation equipment is higher than that of effluent suspended solids, which makes the whole industrial sewage treatment equipment system simple and easy to concentrate, and greatly reduces the floor area of the system.

2、 Factors affecting the use effect of industrial sewage treatment equipment

1. Effect of water pH:

The pH value of water has an impact on coagulation. The pH value of water affects the vividness of catalyst and catalytic results, and then affects industrial sewage treatment equipment.

2. Effect of temperature:

The temperature should be well controlled. The filtration temperature should not exceed 70 degrees. Too low temperature will make the suspension viscosity too high, and then affect the filtration speed of industrial sewage treatment equipment. If the temperature is too high, it will oxidize the oil.

3. Impact of processing media:

During treatment, a certain amount of sludge is stored in the water to promote the collision and contact time of colloid in the water, facilitate the flocculation to form relatively large sludge particles, and facilitate the adsorption, settlement and separation of water quality impurities of industrial sewage treatment equipment.

4. Application amount of coagulant:

Depending on the situation, because it is a chemical reaction, it can refer to the previous data sheet in progress. In addition, the pressure is too high when operating the industrial sewage treatment equipment, because most of the filtered impurities have incompressible impurities, which will be added with the pressure, the open space in the filter cake will become smaller, and then the filtration speed will decrease; Too much filter residue also affects the operation of the equipment, because the operation needs to stop for a period of time, which seriously affects the output value.

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