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What is the boiler dosing device and what is its application scope?

The open circulating water supply system of boiler dosing device is a common water-saving method. It is widely used in ecological environment protection, dosing in power plant furnace, sewage treatment dosing, additional dosing in power plant furnace, etc. the following is a specific introduction to "what is boiler dosing device and its operation range".

1、 What is a boiler dosing device

1. The open circulating water supply system of boiler dosing device is a common water-saving method. It not only saves the amount of new water, but also reduces the discharge of wastewater, which is conducive to environmental protection. For the open circulating water supply system, after the cooling water temperature rises, it is recycled after cooling through various types of cooling towers (common cooling methods). During cooling, due to the evaporation of water, various inorganic ions and organic substances in the circulating water are concentrated, and the water surface of the cooling tower pool is exposed to sunlight, algae breed, dust and debris fall. The comprehensive utilization of other factors in the open circulating water supply system will aggravate the blockage and corrosion of the pipeline and seriously affect the normal operation of the process equipment, This has been confirmed by many examples in practice. Therefore, when adopting the circulating water supply system, the water quality treatment of circulating water should be considered according to the water quality used, and the addition of water quality stabilizer is one of the important measures for water quality treatment in the circulating water system.

2. The boiler dosing device is composed of dosing barrel, metering pump, agitator, distribution cabinet, base and optional pulse damper. It is suitable for adding water treatment agents such as various preservatives, scale inhibitors, algae agents, flocculants and dispersants, as well as other acid and alkali liquids. The dosing bucket is generally made of FRP plastic composite material, which has the advantages of high strength, light weight, anti-aging, strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and can be used for installation in indoor and outdoor environments

2、 Application scope of boiler dosing device

1. The dosing in sewage and wastewater treatment in ecological environment protection is mainly used for sewage and wastewater treatment in large cities, factories and mining enterprises, large and medium-sized Express Hotels and restaurants.

2. Dosing in the boiler of the power plant: ammonia and hydrazine for water supply and drainage, polyphosphate for boiler water, centralized control of polyphosphate for boiler water, ammonia for condensate, etc.

3. Organic chemical liquid is introduced into the heating furnace, which is mainly used in places where the heating furnace is used, such as thermal power plants, chemical plants, metallurgical industry, ships, heating and so on.

4. Wastewater treatment dosing: add coagulant, coagulant and silicone defoamer to the wastewater.

5. It is used for the preparation treatment and dosing of drinking water supply and drainage. The key application places include large city water supply companies, standby Waterworks of well-known enterprises, printing and dyeing, steel, paper industry and other fields.

6. Additional dosing for power plant boiler: coagulant for source water, coagulant for source water, thickener (desulfurizer) for cooling circulating water, reverse osmosis scale inhibitor for cooling circulating water, pesticide and bactericide for cooling circulating water, ammonia for start-up boiler room, polyphosphate for start-up boiler room, coating of aluminum sulfate surface of condenser, etc.

The above is the introduction of "what is boiler dosing device and application scope". Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.