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Use and application conditions of submersible mixer

 Propulsion stirrer is mainly made of carbon steel, stainless steel, finishing treatment, driven by motor machine. It is generally applied to solid and liquid catalytic suspension reaction, which can stir up all the materials (such as NI catalyst) with higher specific gravity settled at the bottom of the kettle and suspended in the liquid. The leaf pulp of the propulsion stirrer and the length of the shaft can be designed according to the actual vessel size of the customer. Stirring rpm: 1~1400 rpm.

  Three-blade propulsion type is an axial flow agitator with high discharge volume and low shear performance: the use of baffle or guide barrel is stronger axial circulation and significantly improved discharge performance because of its strong circulation ability and low power consumption, which can show its advantages in low viscosity, large capacity homogeneous and mixing process application, and is widely used in the process of heat transfer, reaction, suspension and dissolution of low viscosity liquid with small solid-liquid ratio. Adjustable propeller type paddle can be rotated ± 15 °, adjust the angle of inclination, in the experimental process is very useful. Detachable propulsion type paddle with hub divided into three arguments, easy to assemble, used in the need to disassemble into small pieces of occasions. Commonly used media, μ < 2000cP, common operating speed n = 10-500rpm, v = 3-15m / s, speed up to 1750rpm, commonly used specifications S / DJ = 1 or 2, DJ / D = 0.2-0.5 surface requirements polishing treatment must be selected welding type.

1. Compact structure, small volume and light weight. Simple operation and maintenance, easy and quick installation, long service life.

2. The blade has self-cleaning function, which can prevent debris from winding and clogging.

3. Use with the aeration system can make the energy consumption significantly reduced, the oxygenation quantity significantly increased, and effectively prevent sedimentation.

4. The motor winding is insulated with class F, the protection grade is IP68, and the imported bearings with one time lubrication and maintenance-free are used, with oil chamber leakage detection and motor winding overheating protection function, making the work of the motor more safe and reliable.

5. The material of friction payment of mechanical seal is corrosion-resistant tungsten carbide, and all fasteners are made of stainless steel.

Use and application conditions.

  Mixing and stirring series submersible mixer is suitable for various water treatment processes and industrial processes that need to keep the solid, liquid two-phase or solid, liquid, gas three-phase medium uniformly mixed reaction.

The submersible mixer can operate normally and continuously under the following conditions.

★ The temperature of the medium does not exceed 40°C

★ The PH value of the medium is 5-9

★ Medium density does not exceed 1150KG/M^3

★ Long-term diving operation, diving depth generally does not exceed 20 meters