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Common troubleshooting methods for sludge filter presses

Among the various filter presses, the sludge filter press has relatively stable performance. Its structure and working principle are simple and the failure rate is very low. However, if the failure is not working properly due to improper operation or other reasons, mastering some troubleshooting methods to save maintenance time will greatly improve productivity. The following is an overview of common troubleshooting methods for sludge filter presses.

  1. Insufficient oil pressure. When the oil pressure is found to be insufficient, there may be the following reasons: improper adjustment of the safety valve, oil leakage from the safety valve, wear of the cylinder seal is better than the box type filter press, leakage outside the pipeline, failure of the solenoid reversing valve, damage to the piston pump, and insufficient oil level. If the oil seal and cylinder seal are worn, the pipeline leaks outside, the solenoid reversing valve is not in place, the plunger pump is damaged, the oil level is not checked, and the worn parts can be replaced or repaired in time to restore smooth operation.

  2. Place the material between the filter plates. This occurs in the plate and frame filter press. Due to insufficient oil pressure, there are debris on the sealing surface of the filter plate, the filter cloth is not flat, the low temperature plate of the high temperature material deforms the filter plate, the pressure of the feed pump increases or the flow rate is high, please adjust or replace the appropriate parts.

  3. Filtrate is not clear. This is one of the worrisome problems encountered in sludge treatment. The failure and treatment of sludge filter press is better than chamber filter press due to the following reasons:Improper adjustment of safety valve, internal leakage of safety valve instead of plate. There are major problems with filter presses, mainly involving the filter cloth. If the filter cloth of the filter press is not suitable for this material, the chamber filter press should be replaced in time. If the filter cloth is damaged, the opening is too large and the seam is too tight, the filtrate may not be clear. Therefore, the filter press should be selected to make it work properly. The material is suitable for the filter cloth and run in the filter press for a period of time.