Potassium permanganate dosing device

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Potassium permanganate dosing device

Product Introduction

The Potassium permanganate dosing system is a fully automatic complete set of dosing equipment that accurately adds Potassium permanganate powder and water to water after they are prepared according to a certain concentration.

The main work process includes water ejector suction, sealed storage tank storage and dissolution, and metering pump dosing to a reasonable dosing point to achieve the goal of purifying water quality.

Detailed Introduction

Feed module: integrated with water ejector, centrifugal pump, suction pipe, supporting pipeline, valve, etc.

Functions: realize the feeding, mixing and dissolution of Potassium permanganate powder.

Storage module: integrated storage tank, transparent liquid level pipe, ultrasonic Level sensor, electric ball valve, manual butterfly valve, sampling valve, etc.

Function: Store prepared reagents.

Feeding module: Adopting an integrated skid mounted device, the metering pump, pulsation damper, safety valve, back pressure valve, Y-shaped filter, flow meter, valve, pipeline, control box, etc. are installed on the same bracket.

Function: Accurate dosing.

Control module: Integrated with control cabinet, touch screen, PLC and other equipment.

Function: Full system automation control.

Adopting modular design, each module is interconnected and independent into blocks, and the equipment is arranged uniformly and aesthetically on site;

Water jet feeding, dissolution and dilution completed in one step, simple and reliable;

Advanced equipment, equipped with digital metering pumps, achieving precise dosing;

Fully automated dosing and unmanned operation can be achieved;

The medication is sealed and stored, and the site is clean and tidy.

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