Lime dosing device for sewage treatment

Detailed Introduction

Working principle:

The lime powder is transported together with air to the feeding bin for storage by the airflow applied by the transport tank truck. The air is purified by the dust removal and filtration components and discharged, and the lime powder falls into the storage bin. The storage capacity of the storage silo is transmitted by the material level sensor to the control system. The lime dosing machine installed at the bottom of the silo quantitatively sends the material out, and it is transported to the dissolution tank through a frequency conversion screw conveyor in a sealed pipeline. Water is added to prepare a solution with the required concentration, and after slag removal, it enters the storage tank. The lime is injected into the dosing point using a metering pump to complete the lime dosing.

Characteristics of lime powder dosing system:

1. Adopting an air flow conveying system, the device has no dust pollution and low manual labor intensity.

2. Used for feeding powder particles, especially suitable for materials with poor flowability and sticky substances that can easily cause blockage when mixed together.

3. According to the poor flowability of lime powder, the equipment configuration includes a flow aid air cushion, an air hammer, and an activation hopper.

4. The overall sealing performance of the equipment is extremely high, which improves the efficiency of powder unloading, improves the level of dosing and metering, and achieves moisture-proof effect.

5. The tank body is made of high-quality steel plate, which is formed by laser welding, and the welds are dense and uniform, reaching the pressure vessel standard.

6. The system includes functions such as powder storage, metering, dosing, dissolution, slag water separation, and automatic pipeline cleaning. The overall design of the system is complete.

Model specifications
Hopper (M3)
5 10 20 30 40 50 80 100
Dosage Kg/hr
0-50 50-100 100-200 100-300 100-500 100-800 100-1000 100-2000
Dissolution tank volume L
300 500 1000 1600 2000 4000 5000 10000
Standard configuration: including top dust collector, silo, activation hopper, powder metering and conveying device, automatic powder dissolution system, and system electrical control box
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