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What are the selection methods and classification of screw stacker?

Pay attention to the problems of filter belt, deviation adjustment system software of roller and tension system software of filter belt when selecting screw stacker; The common types include plate and frame sludge dehydrator equipment, belt sludge dehydrator and centrifugal sludge dehydrator. The following is a specific introduction to the "selection method and classification of screw stacker".

1、 Selection method of screw stacker

1. Filter belt. It is specified that the screw stacker has high compressive strength, bump resistance, corrosion resistance, temperature change resistance and other characteristics. In addition, considering the actual characteristics of sludge, select suitable manual weaving lines to make the filter belt have excellent steam permeability and better blocking characteristics than sludge particles.

2. Deviation adjustment system software of roller. General equipment shall be carried out according to pneumatic equipment.

3. Tension system software of filter belt. General equipment is also operated by pneumatic system. The support force of filter belt is generally 0.3-0.7mpa, and the common value is 0.5MPa.

4. Belt speed control. Sludge with different characteristics has different regulations on belt speed, that is, there is a belt speed control category for all a specific sludge. Within this range, the dewatering system software can not only solve the specific working ability, but also obtain high-quality mud cake.

2、 Type of screw stacker

1. Plate and frame sludge dehydrator equipment

In the closed state, the sludge pumped by the high-pressure pump is squeezed by the plate and frame, so that the water in the sludge is discharged through the filter cloth, so as to achieve the purpose of dehydration.

2. Belt sludge dehydrator

The sludge layer is entrained by the upper and lower tensioned filter belts and passes through a series of regularly arranged roller cylinders in an S-shape. The pressing and shear force of the sludge layer is formed by the tension of the filter belt itself to squeeze out the capillary water in the sludge layer, so as to realize sludge dewatering.

3. Centrifugal sludge dehydrator

It is composed of a transfer and a screw conveyor with a hollow rotating shaft. The sludge is sent to the drum by the hollow rotating shaft, and is immediately thrown into the drum cavity under the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation. Due to different specific gravity, solid-liquid separation is formed. Driven by the screw conveyor, the sludge is transported to the cone end of the drum and continuously discharged from the outlet.

The above is the introduction of "selection method and classification of screw stacker". Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.