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What are the chemicals and characteristics of the circulating water dosing system?

The chemicals used in the circulating water dosing system include scale inhibitor, bactericide, dilute sulfuric acid, etc., which can be widely used in open cooling water system

, closed chilled water system, etc. the following is a detailed introduction to "chemicals and characteristics of circulating water dosing system".

1、 What chemicals are used in the circulating water dosing system

1. Scale inhibitor: it can chelate with calcium and magnesium ions in water, disperse ions, remove scale and prevent the formation of scale

There are inorganic, organic and compound types, acidic and alkaline. There are many kinds, which need to be determined according to the water quality

Select the appropriate scale inhibitor according to the composition.

2. Bactericide: it can kill algae and microorganisms in water. There are oxidizing bactericides such as sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide and

Non oxidizing; There are many oxidizing types commonly used in circulating water, which can be used alternately with non oxidizing ones to prevent bacterial micro growth

Drug resistance.

3. Dilute sulfuric acid: adding acid to the circulating cooling water system is mainly to reduce the pH value of water and stabilize bicarbonate in the circulating cooling water system

Adding sulfuric acid into the water will change the hard calcium carbonate into the hard non carbonate calcium carbonate with high solubility, reduce the scaling tendency and reduce the

Alkalinity of water.

2、 Characteristics of circulating water dosing system

1. It is widely used in open cooling water system, closed chilled water system and all kinds of large water-cooled central air conditioning systems;

2. Realize the functions of automatic dosing and automatic blowdown of all agents such as scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor and bactericide;

3. Online detection items can include pH, ORP, conductivity, residual chlorine, turbidity, corrosion rate and reagent concentration;

4. It can realize wireless remote transmission of all online parameters and equipment operation status and real-time status monitoring of mobile phone;

5. Online instruments, metering pumps and pipe valves shall be selected from international well-known brands to ensure the long-term stable operation of the system;

6. Long term supporting cooperation with many domestic and foreign water treatment pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The above is the introduction of "chemicals and characteristics of circulating water dosing system". Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.