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The model of screw stacking machine and the wrong selection

In real life, any industry will be involved in the budget work, analogy to the fold screw machine first need to consider is the fold screw machine model, accurate selection can help customers to meet the actual processing needs, can also avoid the waste of money; so in the early stage of selection, how to make the selection accurate, and how to avoid the misunderstanding of selection, this for most people, is not a simple thing. Now let's talk about how to distinguish the model of the screw folding machine and the mistakes often encountered when selecting the model.

一、Model of screw stacking machine

1. The naming of the model of screw stacking machine is generally composed of three parts, brand abbreviation + shaft diameter + number of shaft groups. Next, let's take "dw-302" as an example, in which the English letters in front usually represent the code of each manufacturer, and "302" is the 300 type stacked screw body. There are two groups, in which "300" usually represents the diameter of the stacked screw body (the parameters of the same model of each manufacturer may be different, but the difference will not be too big)。 For another example, "dw-353" means that this type of screw stacking machine is composed of three groups of 350 type screw stacking bodies, "dw-131" means that this type of screw stacking machine is a group of 130 type screw stacking bodies.

2. How to select the type? Also take "302 type" as an example, the sludge output of the filter press is about 60-100kg / h (water content 80% - 85%)。 At present, the mainstream models in the market are 131, 132, 201, 202, 301, 302, 303, 351, 352, 353, 401, 402, 403, 404. Generally, the processing capacity of two groups of stacked snails is twice that of one group. However, the processing capacity of a group of larger models is usually the same as that of a smaller model. For example, the processing capacity of 201 is similar to that of 132, and the processing capacity of 301 is different from that of 202 Not much, and so on. Friends can use this as a reference when selecting models. They also need to integrate various factors, such as cost, sludge volume, working time of equipment, etc.

二、Wrong selection of screw stacking machine

1. People who have used or come into contact with the screw stacking machine will understand that the processing capacity of each model of the screw stacking machine has a certain range, that is to say, the processing capacity of the screw stacking machine is not a fixed value when dealing with different types of sludge with different properties and different concentrations, but only in a general range, and the processing time according to the different site conditions of different customers is also different Therefore, the attributes related to the selection of the screw stacking machine are: the total amount of sludge, the nature of sludge, the concentration of sludge and the treatment time. Generally speaking, the equipment selection can be basically determined when the absolute dry amount of sludge to be treated and the treatment time are clear.

2. For new projects without used equipment, the absolute dry sludge quantity given is not completely accurate. The following is how to select the type under several conditions

① There is a definite absolute dry sludge volume or dehydration equipment used on site, which can be directly selected.

② : the absolute dry sludge volume is clear, but the dewatering equipment has not been used on site, so it is necessary to further clarify the treatment capacity before selection.

③ : there is neither absolute dry sludge quantity nor dewatering equipment used. According to the quantity to be treated in the sludge sedimentation tank and the solid content, the absolute dry sludge quantity to be treated can be calculated, and then the type selection can be calculated according to the treatment time.

④ : there is no absolute dry sludge volume, but users have used dewatering equipment, so the existing equipment can be used as a reference for selection.

⑤ : the user has no parameters, only the sewage quantity. The absolute dry sludge quantity can be calculated according to the sewage quantity and the conventional solid content of the sewage type for reference.

The above is the description of the model selection and selection errors of the screw folding machine. The selection of good machinery and equipment is the basis of the operation process. The premise is that the degree of understanding a product determines the final progress of the project. I hope the above content is helpful to you.