Small Continuous Heat Pump Sludge Drying System

Brand: QILEE

Small Continuous Heat Pump Sludge Drying System

Sludge Drying System  Feature:

Meet different water content requirements

More accurate control of drying degree

Can be installed directly in the plant

Centralized sludge disposal

Low COD of condensate, simple treatment

Airtight drying design, no odor emission can be set freely drying time and drying temperature

Sludge Drying System Application:

Municipal sludge and industrial sludge

Printing and dyeing, electroplating, papermaking, leather, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, water content 75% drying to 10%, weight reduction of more than 75%, suitable for plate and frame filter press sludge

Moisture content of wet material 83% - 40%

Moisture content of dry material 20% - 40%

Sludge Drying System Parameter:

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