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Principle and application scope of circulating water dosing device

In many industries, water is needed for production. Our life can be said to be inseparable from water. However, because there are requirements when using water, we actually need to treat the water quality to meet the demand. Therefore, there is a demand for dosing device, and the more intelligent circulating water dosing device can meet many fields Our demand for water quality treatment, let's take a look at the working principle of the circulating water dosing device and the application scope of the circulating water dosing device.

1、 Working principle of circulating water dosing device

The dosing pump is controlled by the time control switch, and the bactericide and algicide, corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor are regularly added into the system to prevent the growth of bacteria and algae, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization and algicide, scale removal and scale prevention.

Non oxidizing bactericide should be used in circulating water, which has the ability to kill bacteria and algae, can effectively control the growth of bacteria and algae and slime in water, and has good slime stripping, dispersion and penetration, can remove algae propagation and slime growth, has good germicidal effect in different pH range, and has the ability to remove oil, odor and corrosion inhibition.

Non oxidizing bactericides are widely used in the circulating cooling water system of petroleum, chemical, electric power, textile and other industries to control the growth of bacteria and algae in the circulating cooling water system and effectively kill sulfate reducing bacteria. It can be used as a non oxidizing bactericide and algicide, slime stripper, as a levelling agent for acrylic fiber dyeing and as a smoothing agent before textile processing.

Corrosion and scale inhibitor, as the name suggests, is a water treatment agent to alleviate corrosion and prevent equipment scaling. The agent is mostly used in boiler and cooling circulating water equipment, so that the circulating water is not easy to cause equipment scaling and corrosion, prolong its service life, save cost and consumption.

2、 Application scope of circulating water dosing device

1. Wastewater treatment

Flocculation treatment of urban or industrial wastewater, sludge dewatering process, tertiary or tertiary treatment of municipal wastewater; 2. Drinking water treatment

The waterworks using surface water as water source, as the dosing system of water purifying agent and flocculant; 3

4. Other industries

Wastewater treatment of electroplating, food and beverage industry, chemical, petroleum, pulp and paper industry, and ore smelting industry.

In fact, compared with the traditional water treatment device, the circulating water treatment device is still greatly improved, because the stable automatic control is achieved, which is undoubtedly a good aspect to improve the efficiency for continuous industrial production. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure the professional equipment and operation specification in order to better produce.