Petrochemical dosing device

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Petrochemical dosing device

Product Introduction

        Petrochemical dosing device mainly includes demulsifier dosing device, corrosion inhibitor dosing device, scale inhibitor dosing device, desulfurizer dosing device, antioxidant dosing device, Antistatic agent dosing device, antiwear agent dosing device, polymerization inhibitor dosing device, catalyst dosing device, etc.

D etailed Introduction

        It can centrally or remotely receive real-time parameters of the process medium detected by online instruments, and automatically adjust the ratio of reagent injection volume to process medium flow rate (PPM value) based on this. At the same time, it can also receive feedback on the actual effect of reagent injection, thus achieving online intelligent closed-loop control of the optimal injection volume of pharmaceutical agents, with injection accuracy better than+1%.

        By configuring high-precision flow status recorders or weightless flow control systems, the accuracy of chemical injection can be improved to+0.5~0.2%. Meet the production needs of high-precision injection of various drugs.

Application Area
Dosing Device Name
Hopper Capacity
Combination prying form
Mechanical dimensions (L * W * H)
Weight (Kg)

Oil and natural gas collection and transportation, oily wastewater treatment and dosing devices


Corrosion inhibitor

Oxygen scavenger

Reverse breaker


Methanol (ethylene glycol)


One tank, two pumps

Two tanks and two pumps

Three tanks and three pumps

Two tanks and four pumps

Three tanks and five pumps






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