MBR Tubular Membrane

Product Description

      The tubular membrane is an internal pressure mosaic structure. The separation layer material can be designed as PVDF, PPBES, PPESK, PES, CPVC and other materials, and the outer layer is PET or PP high-strength support material.


      Special epoxy resin is used to fix a certain diameter membrane tube in the membrane shell to form a tubular membrane module. Under a certain pressure, the raw material liquid enters the inner cavity of the membrane tube, the product water seeps out through the tube wall, and the concentrated solution is discharged from the other end of the membrane tube. It has the following technical characte-ristics:

1. It has a double-cortex structure, the inner cortex has small pore size and uniform distribution, and the outer cortex is loose and has high porosity;

2. Mosaic structure, with strong wear resistance and long service life;

3. The special functional layer on the inner surface is hydrophilic and smooth, and has excellent anti-pollution performance.

Product Advantages

High water flux: The membrane porosity is over 70%, and under the same transmembrane pressure, the flux is increased by more than 30%.

High separation precision: The separation layer has uniform membrane pores and adjustable pore diameters of 0.01-0.2 m to ensure the filtration precision of the membrane.

Low operating cost: high-speed cross-flow of raw liquid in the membrane tube, pollutants are not easy to adhere to the membrane surface, and has obvious advantages of saving water, medicine and energy.

Long service life: The surface of the membrane prepared by polar segregation process has strong hydrophilic groups, which reduces the pollution caused by hydrophobic pollutants. The 

membrane flux recovery rate is high, the compressive strength is high, and the service life can be long Up to 5-10 years.

Product Specification

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