Hydraulic diaphragm metering pump

Specification: 1

α- Power series hydraulic diaphragm metering pump

     It is a compact and high-precision hydraulic diaphragm metering pump designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of API675 standard. Suitable for various complex and demanding working conditions, with a compact structure and convenient maintenance. Mainly used in industries such as electricity, chemicals, petrochemicals, papermaking, textiles, green energy, and environmental protection, as well as in industries such as biomedicine and food.

Typical dosing medium

Ammonia, hydrazine, scale inhibitor, water treatment agent, chemical process additive, petrochemical process additive, Food coloring and spice.

Product performance parameters

▶  Flow range: 1.6-326L/h

▶  Maximum discharge pressure: 160bar

▶  Adjustment ratio 10:1, steady-state accuracy ± 1%

▶  Maximum temperature allowed for materials: 90 ℃

▶  Maximum allowable material viscosity: 1200cP

Product Technical Features

▶  Designed for continuous transportation of various special media

▶  Multiple pump head material options: 316SS, PVC, PVDF, special alloy

▶  The diaphragm is tightly sealed without leakage

▶  Multiple detection methods: on-site display of diaphragm rupture and remote signal transmission

▶  Built in pressure relief valve, automatic oil replenishment, ensuring stable output flow and meeting accuracy requirements

▶  Multiple one-way valve configurations: single ball valve, double ball valve, spring loaded ball valve

▶  Multiple connection methods: threaded connection, flange connection

▶  Hydraulic oil circuit control 0-100% continuously adjustable

▶  Measurement accuracy 1%, adjustment ratio 10:1

▶  Tapered roller bearings are suitable for high load operating environments

▶  Oil bath lubrication ensures low wear and high reliability of drive components

▶  Efficient worm gear reduction mechanism works stably and has low noise

▶  Compact structure and small volume, suitable for installation in limited space

▶  The product design and manufacturing comply with API675 standard

Flow regulation method

Manual adjustment: adjust the stroke length with the handwheel

▶  Whether the pump is running or stopped, flow regulation can be achieved

▶  The minimum adjustment scale is 1%

Electric stroke controller: Accepts external control signals and adjusts stroke length

▶  Power supply: 220V-50Hz single-phase

▶  Input signal: 4-20mA analog signal

▶  Output signal: 4-20mA/1-5V analog signal for recording, display, and control systems

Variable frequency controller: Accepts external control signals and adjusts stroke length

▶  Power supply: 220V-50Hz single-phase/380V-50Hz three-phase

▶  Input signal: 4-20mA analog signal

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