Submersible Water Agitator


The submersible mixers in our company include mixing agitator and low-speed flow propeller, mainly used for ;

1.The purposes of mixing, agitating and making ring flows in the process of municipal and industrial sewage treatment: Activated sludge tank, bioreactor tank, mixing tank,sludge silos, equalizing reservoir,sewage tank and etc.

2.The maintenance equipment for the landscape water environment, improving the quality of the water body.

3.Creating water flow, effectively preventing the sedimentation of the suspended substances.


The highest temperature of the media shall not exceed 40°C

The pH value of the media:5~9

The density of the media shall not exceed 1150kg/m3

The depth of submersion shall not exceed 20m

The electric power supply: 380V, 50HZ

The motor: F class insulation and in accordance with IP68, continuous operating in 24hr

The submersible mixer must operate in the complete submersion into water


1.The two rows of independent mechanical sealing ensure the long-term and reliable operation of the submersible motor.

2.The imported high-quality one-service lubricated bearings have the designed service life for 100,000 hours.

3.The unique sealing design for the cables removes the hidden danger of water leakage for the cables.

4.The shaft of the motor employs the stainless steel; and the rotors are inspected with the use of dynamic balancing, leading to smooth rotation.

5.The in-built leakage sensor and the device for the overtemperature protection for the windings of the stator.(No overtemperature protection for PJ 0.37/6)

6.The mixer agitator have the stainless steel and carbon steel welded impeller, which are of the sweptback shape through the optimized design, resulted in high efficiency and self-cleaning function.

7.The vanes of the low-speed flow propeller are made of elastic PU,resulting in the ability for bearing the varying load, the propelling power is equalized distribution and the availability of the optimized hydraulic design.

8.On the low-speed flow propeller, all the tightening pieces for the contact media employ the stainless- steel material.

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