Rolled Material Separation Membrane

Brand: QILEE

Rolled Material Separation Membrane

Product Description

      Tubular membrane product special brand Spi-Tub-Mem (printing STM) includes pressure-type tubular membrane assembly and immersion type tubular membrane assembly, product type divided into super-manufacturer membrane, special type of cotton, and its middle membrane ( STM-NF) series products with molecular weight reduction NF300, NF500, NF1000 three types of general molecular weight carbon film and special non-removing organic carbon film.


      Efficient removal under low-pressure conditions Reaction permeable water and dilute permeable liquid containing or containing specific molecular weight organic matter in the permeable liquid. organic performance. Simultaneously have the following features:

1、Extremely large inflow channel, no dead angle of the filter, effective increase in membrane surface flow velocity, lower membrane surface gradient.

2、It has extremely high loading density, effective high throughput, low floor space.

3、Strong anti-pollution ability, transportation stability and low wear and tear.

4、For very low investment and transportation costs.

Product Specification

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