On-line Conductivity/Resistivity Transmitter

Specification: T80-96

On-line Conductivity/Resistivity Transmitter


Waste water treatment,Scrubber & Environmental monitoring

Pure water, Tap water, Drinking water & Swimming pool

Circulateing water, Boiler water & Reclcying water

Aquaculture & Soilless culture

PCB,Anode oxidation & Electroplating process

Electronics,LCD, Semicon, & Solar process

Dying, Chemical, Beverage & Pharma process


96 x 96 mm Conductivity/Resistivity Transmitter

User-friendly interphase in Chinese & English with graphical symbols

Larger LCM display with adjustable backlight

Waterproof design (IP65), panel, pipe & wall mounting

0.008~19.99 cm adjustable cell constant

Compatible with 2- or 4-electrode conductivity cell

Multi-Calibration, cell constant and userdefault

0.00~39.99% linear and non-linear temperature compensation coefficient

Auto/Manual temp. compensation

Two 4~20mA outputs for Conductivity/Resistivity & Temp

RS485 output for MODBUS

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