Box Type Low Temperature Sludge Dryer

Brand: QILEE

Box Type Low Temperature Sludge Dryer

Using heat pump recovery technology, wet mud with a moisture content of 80% can be reduced to dry mud with a water content of 10% to 30%.

The comprehensive energy efficiency is 1:4, which facilitates transportation and saves costs, which is conducive to the later utilization of resources.

Sludge Dryer  Features:

The water content is 83% dried to 10%, and the weight loss is over 75%.

It is used in the plate and frame filter press to produce mud, the wet material moisture content is 83%-40%, and the dry material moisture content is 10%-40%.

Closed and dry, no odor emission, fully automatic operation, easy operation and maintenance.

Low energy consumption, power consumption 0.25-0.5kw.h/kg.H2O

Scope of application: municipal sludge and industrial sludge (printing, electroplating, paper, leather, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc.)

Sludge Dryer Parameter Table 

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