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Working principle and performance advantages of sludge filter press

Filter press is a common filtration and separation equipment in mining, sludge, food and other industries. It was used in chemical production in the early 18th century, and is still widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, dye, food, brewing, ceramics and environmental protection industries. Today, let's talk about the working principle and performance advantages of sludge filter press

1、 Working principle of sludge filter press

The water bearing sludge is transported to the sludge mixing tank by sludge pump, and coagulant is added for full mixing reaction, and then flows into the belt type sludge pressure distributor. The sludge is evenly distributed to the gravity dewatering area. Under the two-way dredging and gravity action of the sludge rake, the sludge quickly removes the free water from the sludge with the movement of the dewatering filter belt. Due to the long design of gravity dewatering area, the maximum gravity dewatering can be achieved.

The overturned sludge enters into the ultra long wedge-shaped preloading dewatering area to slowly clamp the sludge discharged from the gravity area to form a sandwich type angle layer, which is slowly pre pressurized and filtered in sequence, so as to minimize the residual free water in the sludge layer Slow forward, the distance between the two filter belts is gradually reduced, and the mud layer in the middle is gradually hardened. A large amount of free water is removed by preloading the large diameter filter roller, so that the mud cake can smoothly enter the extrusion dehydration area, enter the "s" pressing section, and enter the "s" pressing section The sludge is sandwiched between the upper and lower layers of filter cloth and repeatedly pressed by several pressing rollers. When the upper and lower filter belts pass through the wavy path formed by crisscrossing rollers, because the upper and lower positions of the two filter belts alternate in sequence, the shear force is generated on the clamped sludge cake and the sludge will remain in the sludge Most of the moisture in the sludge is accumulated and filtered, which makes the sludge cake dehydrate again. Finally, the dry sludge cake is scraped off by scraper and transported to the sludge storage place by belt conveyor or shaftless screw conveyor.

2、 Performance advantages of sludge filter press

1. Automatic tension and deviation correction of filter belt completely solve the problem of filter belt deviation and damage. The electric control system is equipped with interlock protection device to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the whole machine.

2. It adopts many kinds of anticorrosion methods and has long service life.

3. The design of triple dewatering area is super long, with high dewatering rate and high solid content of mud cake.

4. The principle is simple, the parts are unified, easy to manage and maintain.

5. Stable operation, low noise, less chemical dosage.

6. It has the advantages of fast speed, fast adjustment and large output.

The above is a detailed introduction of "working principle and performance advantages of sludge filter press". If you have other questions, please continue to pay attention to us!