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What is the process principle of boiler dosing device?

The process principle of the boiler dosing device is that there is a small amount of calcium and magnesium in the dosing into the boiler water, which needs to be treated, otherwise it will cause a threat to the operation of the boiler. In addition, the application scope includes sewage in ecological environment protection, restaurant sewage, wastewater treatment, etc; So the following is a detailed introduction to the relevant content.

1、 Process principle of boiler dosing device:

1. The hardness of calcium and magnesium in boiler feed water will react or crystallize at high temperature, forming insoluble scale, which is firmly attached to the boiler heating surface. This kind of scale is a poor heat conductor, which will hinder the heat conduction, and the boiler tube explosion accident may occur when it is serious; In addition, it will aggravate the chemical corrosion of the metal under the scale, which is very serious.

2. Although the boiler condensate and feed water are strictly softened and desalted, there are still a small amount of calcium and magnesium into the boiler water. If this part is not treated, it will also cause scaling and threaten the boiler operation. At present, adding phosphate to boiler water is an appropriate treatment method. The product (basic calcium phosphate) is a kind of soft water slag, which is easy to be discharged with boiler blowdown, and will not adhere to the boiler and become scale.

2、 Application scope of boiler dosing device

1. The key of dosing in sewage and wastewater treatment in ecological environment protection is sewage and wastewater treatment in large cities, factories and mining enterprises, large and medium-sized hotels and restaurants.

2. Power plant furnace dosing: water supply and drainage ammonia, hydrazine, boiler water polyphosphate, boiler water polyphosphate centralized control, condensate water ammonia, etc.

3. The introduction of organic chemicals into the heating furnace is mainly used in power plants, chemical plants, metallurgical industry, ships, heating and other places.

4. Dosing for wastewater treatment: adding coagulant, coagulant and organosilicon defoamer to wastewater.

5. It is used for the preparation and treatment of drinking water supply and drainage. The key application places include the water supply companies in big cities, the standby water plants of well-known enterprises, printing and dyeing, steel, paper industry and other fields.

6. Additional dosing for power plant boiler: source water with coagulant, source water with coagulant, cooling circulating water with Thickener (desulfurizer), cooling circulating water with reverse osmosis scale inhibitor, cooling circulating water with pesticide bactericide, ammonia in start-up boiler room, polyphosphate in start-up boiler room, coating on aluminum sulfate surface of condenser, etc.

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