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What are the technical characteristics and operation mode of the automatic dosing device

Automatic dosing device is a kind of water treatment equipment which is conducive to environmental protection. In order to make you have a clearer understanding of this equipment, today we will introduce the technical characteristics and actual operation process of automatic dosing device. Please refer to it

1、 Technical features of automatic dosing device

1. Improve the automatic protection measures to ensure the stable and safe operation of the system;

2. High degree of automation, even and accurate ingredients. The dosage is controlled by the microcomputer dosing controller (metering pump), which does not need any manual operation except the regular dosing to the dissolving barrel, thus saving a lot of manpower and making the dosage more accurate;

3. The water quality of the system is accurately monitored in the whole process, and the sewage discharge is automatically controlled;

4. Various configurations can be used by different water treatment users;

5. Through the unique preset program, the dosage is controlled to ensure the administration effect and save the drug dosage to the maximum extent;

6. Automatic continuous drug delivery technology to ensure accurate, timely and stable drug delivery and control.

2、 Operation process of dosing device

1. There are two kinds of operation modes: automatic operation and automatic operation.

2. When the switch on the control panel is turned to the manual gear, the metering pump 1, metering pump 2 and blowdown switch need to be operated manually.

3. When the switch on the control panel is set to the automatic gear, the metering pump 1, metering pump 2 and blowdown switch should be set to the off state. In the automatic state, the discharge is controlled by the conductivity. When the conductivity exceeds the upper limit, the equipment will discharge automatically. (factory value of conductivity: upper limit: 1500, lower limit: 1300). In order to prevent the loss of chemicals, the metering pump will automatically stop dosing when the equipment is discharged. Please refer to the manual for the adjustment process of conductivity meter.

4. Each equipment has its running indicator and water alarm device.

5. Safe and reliable grounding, pay attention to the installation of conductivity probe.

The above is the introduction of the characteristics and operation process of the automatic dosing device. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.