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What are the process characteristics and main technical parameters of sludge thickener?

The process characteristics of sludge thickener, such as filter cloth rectifying device, filter cloth cleaning device, filter cloth tensioning device, and short residence time of sludge thickening, etc; In terms of parameters, including sludge thickener unit area processing capacity, sludge thickener unit area processing capacity and so on, the following is a detailed description of the relevant content.

1、 Process characteristics of sludge thickener:

1. The residence time of sludge thickening is short. The residence time of traditional sludge thickening tank is generally more than 10 hours, while the average residence time of belt thickening section is only tens of seconds to 1-2 minutes.

2. The belt type concentration section is designed to be inclined, and the static pressure head of the feeding part is added to improve the dehydration efficiency.

3. Stepless speed regulation is adopted in both concentration section and pressure filtration section for better process matching.

4. Filter cloth deviation rectifying device: the sludge thickener adopts pneumatic feedback unilateral automatic deviation rectifying device.

5. Filter cloth cleaning device: the sludge thickener adopts the rate nozzle and washing mechanism for automatic cleaning.

6. Filter cloth tension device: the sludge thickener adopts pneumatic tension, so the operation is flexible and the maintenance is simple and convenient.

2、 Main technical parameters of sludge thickener

1. Upper limit of particle settling velocity in overflow: the process of particle settling in concentration tank is very complex, and there is no accurate calculation method at present. The factors affecting the settling velocity of ore particles are the density, particle size, shape and surface properties of ore particles.

2. Sludge thickener area: in design and production practice, the required thickener area is generally calculated by the sedimentation speed of overflow medium and upper limit particles.

3. Treatment capacity per unit area of sludge thickener: the treatment capacity per unit area of sludge thickener is generally selected according to industrial or simulation test. If there is no test data, it can be selected according to the actual production index of similar concentrator.

4. Depth of sludge thickener: the depth of the thickener depends on the height of each zone through which the slurry passes in the thickening process. The height of the clarifier zone, the height of the free settling zone, the height of the compression zone and the height of the scraper movement zone of the thickener should be added to obtain the depth.

The above is all about "what are the process characteristics of sludge thickener, what are the main technical parameters", I hope it can help you.