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What are the classification of chemical mixer failure analysis?

There will be many faults in the process of using chemical mixer. Of course, there are some corresponding methods to solve the problems. Of course, this machine has many kinds of classification. I believe many friends are interested. Today, let's see what the classification and analysis of chemical mixer faults can help you.

1、 Analysis of the chemical mixer failure

Chemical mixer also encountered some faults in the process of use, the most typical is abnormal sound problem. When this kind of fault occurs, the equipment makes a big noise, which can be heard at a place more than ten meters. The check current is within the normal range, and it is difficult to find the problem if simple inspection. The whole equipment of chemical mixer can be divided into three parts: mechanical seal assembly, gearbox and motor, and it can be separately inspected and analyzed.

1. inspection of mechanical seal assembly

The most easy failure of chemical mixer is the mechanical seal part, which often fails mechanical seal due to wear and water enters the sealing cavity. Firstly, the mechanical seal assembly is decomposed, and the parts including two sets of mechanical seal, skeleton oil seal, output shaft, bearing, shell and end cover are cleaned and inspected. The relevant dimensions of bearing pedestal and output shaft of mechanical mixer are checked. If no problems are found, it indicates that the mechanical sealing part is in good condition and the possibility of troubleshooting is eliminated.

2. analysis and inspection of gearbox

Some agitator equipment have high processing accuracy and good heat treatment. Thoroughly clean the gearbox, carefully check the gears, gear shafts and bearings. It is found that the gear surface is smooth, free of pitting and intersection, the meshing side clearance of gear is normal, and the tooth profile is free of obvious wear; the radial and axial clearance of each bearing is normal, and there is no pitting spot on the inner and outer rings and roller surface, and the overall quality is good; the axial clearance of each axle is reasonable, and the output shaft of the handplate is free of movement, no shell jam and abnormal sound. Then, the gearbox can be corrected.

3. inspection, analysis and treatment of motor failure

Motor failure performance of chemical mixer: before disassembling the motor, air transport shall be carried out to find out the problem. If the motor of the mechanical mixer makes abnormal sound and vibration is very big; hissing sound is made at the shaft sleeve of the motor shaft of the mechanical mixer. The motor can reach dozens of degrees in less than 2 minutes by air transportation, and the temperature of shaft extension reaches dozens of degrees, and the motor is scalded. The internal bearing inner ring of the mechanical mixer has pear skin pitting area due to pitting. The surface is rough, dim and lustrous. The pitting hole can be seen obviously; the inner ring of the skeleton oil seal is damaged; the inner ring of the bearing and sleeve of the mechanical mixer has dark spots formed by "running ring" at the corresponding journal.

2、 Classification of chemical mixer

Chemical mixer is divided into forced mixer, concrete mixer, vertical mixer and new type mixer.

1. forced mixer

The machine includes planetary mixing mechanism, eddy current mixing mechanism, mixing drum, discharge mechanism, mixing frame and bottom frame. The center position of the mixing drum is equipped with eddy current mixer. On both sides of the vortex mixer, two planetary mixers are symmetrically arranged, and the two planetary mixers rotate relatively. The vortex mixer and the mixing drum rotate in reverse direction. The mixing force of the machine is large, which solves the problem To settle the issues of unity warehouse.

The utility model relates to a forced mixer suitable for the production of mixing mixture for ash and sand brick, including planetary mixing mechanism, eddy current mixing mechanism, mixing drum, mixing frame, discharge mechanism and underframe. The mixing drum is positioned on the bearing base of the large gear ring on the bottom frame, and the mixing drum is arranged symmetrically on both sides of the rack There are two planetary mixers.

2. concrete mixer

The concrete mixer includes a power mechanism connected with the transmission mechanism through the shaft and a drum driven by the transmission mechanism. The drum body is equipped with a gear ring arranged around the cylinder body, and the transmission shaft is provided with gears engaging with the gear ring. The utility model has simple and reasonable structure. After the gear and gear ring are meshed, the sliding phenomenon between the supporting wheel and the mixer drum can be effectively overcome in rainy and fog weather; the transmission mechanism adopted can further ensure the elimination of the slip phenomenon between the supporting wheel and the mixer drum.

The mixer can also be divided into: Star mixer, risk prevention mixer, vertical mixer, concrete mixer, double shaft mixer, single axle mixer, antiskid concrete mixer.

3. vertical mixer

The mixer includes a motor, a mixing drum, a transmission shaft and a mixing blade. The shaft sleeve of the reverse mixing blade is connected with the sprocket at the upper end of the intermediate shaft on the side of the transmission shaft through the chain, and the passive gear which is coaxial with the sprocket is meshed with the active gear fixed at the lower end of the transmission shaft. The two mixing blades of the utility model rotate in reverse direction, so that during the mixing process, the raw materials can form convection between the two mixing blades, thus completely solving the problem that the traditional mixer stirs the raw materials without mixing.

4. new mixer

The new mixer is a replacement product, which is an irreplaceable product of mixing equipment in chemical and building materials industries. It has realized the correct "mixing and mixing" coming out, thus eliminating other mixing equipment and thus bearing the important task. It fills the international gap with its unconventional conception, excellent technical content and reasonable design level. It is widely used in paint, paint, dye, leather making, medicine, beverage, adhesive, food, washing products, cosmetics and various solid objects. There is inexhaustible wealth. The mixing effect of the dispersion, emulsification, homogenization and color matching of the objects is more ideal and intuitive than that of the traditional mixer, which is a revolution in the mixing industry.

Above is the related content of chemical mixer shared to you today, and I hope it can help you.