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What are the characteristics and application scope of the dosing device?

The dosing device has many characteristics and wide application range. I believe many friends are more interested in it. Today, let's take a look at the characteristics and application range of the dosing device, hoping to help you.

1、 Features of dosing device:

1. High degree of automation, simple operation, saving manpower.

2. Factory direct sales, price concessions, quality assurance.

3. Professional design team and service team, after-sales problems.

4. Quality assurance, long service life, reduce enterprise operating costs.

5. Simple operation, easy maintenance and long service life.

2、 Application scope of automatic dosing device

1. The dosing of wastewater and sewage treatment in environmental protection is mainly used for wastewater and sewage treatment in cities, industrial and mining enterprises, large hotels and restaurants.

2. Power plant furnace dosing: feed water ammonia, hydrazine, boiler water phosphate, boiler water phosphate coordinated control, condensate ammonia, etc.

3. The boiler is mainly used in thermal power plant, chemical industry, metallurgy, ship, central heating and other occasions.

4. Water treatment dosing: add flocculant, coagulant aid, defoamer, etc.

5. It is mainly used in urban waterworks, large enterprises' own waterworks, textile printing and dyeing, steel, paper and other industries.

6. Power plant boiler dosing: raw water with flocculant, raw water with coagulant aid, circulating water with stabilizer (corrosion inhibitor), circulating water with scale inhibitor, circulating water with bactericide, ammonia in start-up boiler room, phosphate in start-up boiler room, ferrous sulfate coating in condenser, etc.

Dosing device is a necessary equipment to help production, in order to better process raw materials and improve efficiency at the same time, so the use of professional automatic dosing device is one of the good conditions to lay an excellent foundation for production.

The above is the relevant content about the dosing device shared with you today, I hope it can be helpful to you.