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What are the advantages of sludge dehydrator?

Sludge treatment is a relatively difficult work, because the water content of sludge is high, which is very inconvenient for transportation and treatment. Therefore, many enterprises now choose to use sludge dehydrator to reduce the water content of sludge, so as to facilitate transportation. Today, I'd like to introduce in detail the working principle of sludge dehydrator, what are its advantages? "

1、 Working principle of sludge dehydrator

1. Belt type sludge filter press: it is composed of upper and lower two tensioned filter belts with sludge layer. Its shape is like s shape. It passes through a series of roller cylinders with circulation to roll and shear the sludge. Because of its own tension, it can separate the capillary water hidden in the sludge layer and achieve the function of sludge dewatering.

2. Centrifugal sludge dewatering machine: it is composed of screw device materials with transfer and hollow shaft. The sludge is sent into the rotary drum, which generates centrifugal force. Under high-speed rotation, the sludge is thrown into the drum cavity, forming solid-liquid separation. Because of different specific gravity, the sludge is transferred to the cone end of the drum, and continuously discharged from the outlet under the push of the screw conveyor; The liquid discharged from the weir mouth to the outer liquid ring of the drum is discharged by gravity.

3. Diehl sludge dewatering machine: a fixed ring in which the spiral shaft runs through to form, which receives the internal pressure of gravity concentration and sludge by the back pressure plate in the propulsion process, so as to realize dewatering. The filtrate is squeezed out from the filter gap formed by the fixed ring and the moving ring, and the sludge cake is squeezed out from the end of the dewatering section.

4. Plate and frame type sludge dewatering machine: the sludge is squeezed by high pressure pump and plate and frame, and the water in the sludge is discharged through filter cloth in a closed state, so as to realize the purpose of dewatering.

2、 Advantages of sludge dehydrator

1. Energy saving and water saving: due to the continuous movement of the dynamic and static rings, the self-cleaning effect in the cylinder can be achieved, so that the filtration gap is not easy to be blocked, which replaces the high-pressure cleaning of the old generation of filter cloth and belt filter plate, and greatly saves industrial water. The main screw shaft runs at low speed, which reduces the mechanical wear of the equipment and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

2. The new separation technology of sludge dewatering machine: the organic combination of screw pressure and dynamic and static rings is adopted, forming a new generation of new separation technology of concentration and dehydration integration, adding an advanced dehydration mode choice for the field of environmental protection sewage treatment in China.

3. Large treatment capacity: with the continuous updating of sewage treatment technology, the treatment capacity of sewage treatment equipment is stronger now, and the deep sludge dewatering process can be designed.

4. Green environmental protection: the whole machine runs in a sealed way, and can be observed directly. The shell is easy to disassemble and assemble, no sewage leakage, no secondary pollution, low noise, making the sludge treatment environment beautiful and clean.

The above is about the working principle of "sludge dewatering machine", what are the advantages? If you have any other questions, please feel free to consult us.