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What are the advantages of screw press machine in treating sewage?

Screw press machine is a kind of equipment for sludge wastewater treatment. It can treat different types of wastewater, such as organic wastewater, chemical wastewater, river, landscape, wastewater with high content of ammonia nitrogen and water phosphorus. Therefore, the application field of screw press machine is very wide, but the effect of screw stacking machine treating different kinds of wastewater is different. Then let's take a look at "what are the advantages of the screw stacking machine in treating sewage?".

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Sewage that can be treated by screw press machine

1. Organic wastewater

In domestic sewage, food processing and paper making wastewater, there are carbohydrate, protein, oil, lignin and other organic substances. These substances consume a large amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. After the dissolved oxygen is exhausted, the organic substances are anaerobic decomposed to produce hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and mercaptan, which further worsens the water quality. Through pure biochemical treatment, microorganisms rapidly decompose all kinds of organic matter, basically no sludge discharge, only a small amount of residues return to the front regulating tank or anaerobic tank.

2. Wastewater with high content of ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus

With the rapid development of petrochemical industry and chemical fertilizer, a large amount of high concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater has been produced. At present, the physical and chemical treatment of ammonia nitrogen wastewater is poor, and the operation cost is expensive. Generally, the ammonia nitrogen content of wastewater is not more than 300 mg / L, which seriously restricts the wastewater treatment. It can directly decompose the wastewater with ammonia nitrogen content less than 1000mg / L, and the acclimated organism can even treat monosodium glutamate wastewater with organic ammonia nitrogen content less than 10000mg / L.

The main sources of phosphorus containing wastewater are human excreta and wastes. Different forms of phosphate exist in industrial and mining enterprises, synthetic detergents and household cleaning agents.

3. Chemical wastewater

Inorganic chemical wastewater is mainly cooling water in process production, containing acid, alkali, a large number of salts and suspended solids; organic chemical wastewater has various components. Wastewater from synthetic dyes, paints, pharmaceuticals and other processes has strong aerobic properties and strong toxicity. Most of them are synthetic organic compounds, so they are highly polluting and difficult to decompose. Compared with the single chemical enterprise wastewater, the mixed chemical wastewater in the chemical industry park reacts with each other and is easier to treat.

4. River and landscape water

For the treatment of river and landscape water, the traditional methods mostly use the direct injection of microbial agents, or the cultivation of aquatic organisms and plants, dredging sediment. Although this method has produced some problems, it costs a lot of manpower and material resources, takes a long time to treat, and is easy to relapse. The sewage can be cleaned up in a short time by aeration and circulation. During the period from April to October, if the water body is polluted again in the next year, the treatment equipment can be turned on for another month or so, without reinvestment. One time investment, long-term benefit.

2、 Advantages of screw press machine

The screw press machine has a wide range in the treatment of sludge concentration, which can deal with the range from low concentration to high concentration. Moreover, it is simple in civil engineering, and there is no need to build an additional thickening tank to save civil engineering cost.

The screw press machine can realize automatic operation and unattended operation, which can effectively solve the problem of pollution emission in the chemical industry and reduce the harm degree of operators.

The chemical sludge is corrosive, and the screw press machine is made of 304 stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance and long service life.

The screw press machine is equipped with automatic spray system, which can be effectively cleaned during startup and operation, so that the equipment will not be blocked.

The above is the details of "the advantages of screw press machine and the sewage that can be treated". If you have any questions, you can consult us.