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Technical cost and configuration of stacked screw sludge dehydrator

As we all know, the screw stacking machine uses the principle of screw type slow extrusion to dehydrate layer by layer, which is a very labor-saving structure. Therefore, the energy consumption is so low that there are no friends. It shows a particularly good advantage in the application process. Today, let's talk about "the technical cost and configuration of screw stacking sludge dehydrator"

1、 Technical cost of stacked screw sludge dehydrator

1. The machine body is compact in design and integrated in thickening and dewatering. It is equipped with auxiliary devices such as electric control cabinet and sludge flocculation mixing tank. It has strong compatibility with supporting equipment and is convenient for design.

2. Small design, easy to adjust measures to local conditions, can reduce the floor space and construction cost of dehydrator itself.

3. With the function of sludge thickening, there is no need for thickening and storage unit, which reduces the overall floor space and construction cost of sewage treatment facilities.

4. The main body of the dehydrator has the function of self-cleaning, so it is not necessary to use a lot of water to clean in order to prevent sludge blockage.

5. Low speed screw extrusion technology, low power consumption.

6. The electric control cabinet is equipped with automatic control device, which can realize 24-hour full-automatic continuous unmanned operation from conveying sludge, injecting liquid medicine, thickening and dewatering to discharging sludge cake, so as to reduce labor costs.

2、 Configuration of stacked screw sludge dehydrator

1. Metering tank

The sludge is transported to the metering tank through the sludge, and the surplus part flows back to the sludge storage tank from the return pipe.

2. Flocculation mixing tank

The measured sludge is fully mixed with the injected polymer flocculant in the flocculation mixing tank to form good alum.

3. Dehydration body

After the sludge enters the dewatering body through the sludge inlet, gravity concentration occurs instantaneously in the front thickening section, and most of the filtrate is discharged; in the dewatering section, it is fully dehydrated due to the continuous increase of the inner pressure. The dewatering body of the sludge thickener does not include the dewatering section.

4. Sludge outlet / concentrated sludge outlet

The back pressure plate arranged at the sludge outlet generates a blocking force in the opposite direction, so that the pressure in the body cavity is further increased, and the sludge is more fully dehydrated and discharged from the sludge outlet in the form of sludge cake. There is no back pressure plate on the sludge outlet side of the sludge thickener.

The above is the detailed introduction of "technical cost and configuration of stacked screw sludge dehydrator" in Xiaobian. If you have other problems, please continue to pay attention to us!