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Dryer efficiency factors, how to maintain?

Sludge drying treatment is a common method to treat sludge. Because of its high water content, it is not convenient to transport the sludge. Now, through the use of sludge dryer, the water content of sludge can be effectively reduced, so as to transport the sludge better. But in the process of use, the efficiency will be reduced. What is the reason? Today, we will introduce in detail the "factors affecting the efficiency of sludge dryer, how to carry out maintenan? "

1、 Factors affecting the efficiency of sludge dryer1. Working environment

The environment also has a great influence on the efficiency of sludge dryer. For example, the climate in northern China is very different from that in southern China. The weather is relatively wet in the South and relatively dry in the north. In this way, the drying time of materials will be different, and the difference of environmental temperature will also affect the working efficiency of sludge dryer. The higher the humidity, the lower the drying efficiency, the lower the temperature, and the lower the drying efficiency.

2. Material humidity

The material usually depends on the moisture content of the material. If the moisture content of the material is particularly high, the sludge dryer will consume a lot of time and heat in the drying process. The longer the drying time, the lower the drying efficiency, so the humidity of the material will affect the efficiency of the dryer. When the sludge dryer works, the materials should be dehydrated properly to improve the efficiency of the sludge dryer.

3. Material supply

If the working efficiency of the dryer is stable, but the material supply can not keep up, it will also affect the working efficiency of the sludge dryer. Therefore, when the sludge dryer works, it needs to be guaranteed by various departments. The tacit cooperation between them can improve the working efficiency of sludge dryer.

4. Heating system

During the operation of sludge dryer, heat is very important. If there is no heat, it can not be dried, so it is necessary to ensure that the sludge dryer is equipped with a reasonable heating device. If the fuel is used, the fuel used needs to be of high quality, high burning value and can be completely extinguished, so the work efficiency of sludge drying will be higher, otherwise it will reduce the work efficiency. If the power supply is used for drying, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the voltage and dry After that, the machine can be used normally to produce continuous heat flow and dry the sludge.

2、 Maintenance skills of sludge dryer

1. Pay attention to frequently check the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, brake fluid and fuel oil (water) level, and pay attention to check the sealing of the whole machine. At the same time, the lubrication of each lubricating point should be strengthened. It is suggested that during the running in period, every shift should add grease to the lubricating points (except for special request)。

2. As the dryer is a special machine, the operator should receive the training from the manufacturer to fully understand the structure and performance of the machine. Before operating the machine, be sure to read the operation and protection manual first, and operate and take care according to the requirements of the manual.

3. The running in period of the sludge dryer is over. We should take care of the sludge dryer. We must do a good job in the inspection and adjustment of the sludge dryer, and at the same time change the oil.

4. Pay attention to the working load of the sludge dryer during the running in period. The working load during the running in period shall not exceed 80% of the rated work. The workload of the sludge dryer during the running in period shall be appropriate. In order to avoid the overheating and scalding of the sludge dryer caused by the long-time operation of the sludge dryer equipment.

5. Keep the machine clean, adjust and fasten the loose parts in time, so as to prevent the parts from wearing or losing due to looseness.

6. We should always pay attention to the various parts of the sludge dryer. If we find out which parts are loose and abnormal, we should shut down the machine in time to fasten the loose parts and eliminate the abnormal situation. If the cause of the abnormal situation can not be found and the fault is not eliminated, we should stop the production and end the operation of the sludge dryer.

The above is about the "sludge dryer efficiency factors, how to maintain?"? If you have any other questions, please feel free to consult us.