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Advantages of sludge dryer and the reason of high motor temperature

  Sludge treatment has always been a difficult problem in the environmental protection industry. Because of its high water content, it is impossible to carry out effective transportation treatment. Now people generally choose to use sludge dryer to dry sludge, reduce the water content of sludge and facilitate transportation. Before using sludge dryer, we will understand the advantages of sludge dryer. Today, the small edition introduces the advantages of sludge dryer and the reason why the motor temperature is too high.

  1、 Advantages of sludge dryer

  1. Low energy consumption of sludge dryer: because of indirect heating, there is no large amount of air to take away heat, and the external wall of dryer is equipped with insulation layer, so the heat loss is very small.

  2. The cost of sludge dryer system is low: the treatment time is shortened because of the huge heat transfer surface in the unit effective volume. The equipment size is smaller, reducing the floor area.

  3. Wide range of materials: different heat media are used to treat both heat sensitive materials and materials requiring high temperature treatment.

  4. Small environmental pollution: little air carrying, little dust material entrainment.

  5. Low operating cost: automatic control, no need to stick to it manually.

  6. Stable operation: due to the special compression expansion stirring of wedge blade, the material particles are fully in contact with the heat transfer area. In the axial range, the temperature, humidity, mixing temperature and gradient of the material are very small, thus ensuring the stability of the process.

  2、 The reason of the high temperature of the motor of sludge dryer

  1. The fan blade of sludge dryer is reversed: it causes the motor to show heating and temperature rising from time to time, which seriously affects the normal operation of the motor, and even more serious will constitute the burning loss of the motor. At this time, the power supply is required to change the position of the motor so that the air blade rotates in the correct direction.

  2. The heating pipe of the motor is burnt: the heat generated by the motor during operation cannot be discharged in time. The heat hidden inside the motor constitutes the rise of the motor temperature. This situation will affect the working efficiency and the service life of the motor. At this time, the motor needs to stop in time and stop the replacement of the burned heat generating pipe, so that the working heat generated by the motor can be discharged normally in time.

  3. The heating pipe guide wire of the motor is burnt: the heating pipe guide wire is burned and an important original part of the motor heat dissipation. If the fracture condition is not able to conduct the heat in time, the temperature of the motor will gradually increase. Once the motor is beyond the ability of the motor to bear, the safety installation will break, which will directly cause the equipment to stop working and affect the whole consumption line The work process, so the staff should choose the wire with good material to ensure the smooth and safe work of the equipment when installing and changing the heat pipe guide wire.

  Above is about "advantages of sludge dryer, causes of motor temperature too high", if you have other problems, please feel free to consult us.